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Great job as always, really cute pose too. That last image is awesome lol.

daiihai responds:

thank u so much!! :]

Really cool colors you've got going on here! Primary colors always look great together but the context you put them in here is great. Blue BG/Sky, Yellow fur, red features/accessories/line art. It all works very well together. I can tell you have your own style and know it well. I think the eyes are probably the highlight though. The green pupils offer a really great pop of color. The piece is grungy in the best way.

Keep it up!

Super cute :)
I love your line art. The black outlines with softer lines inside looks great. Gives it that perfect balance between the soft vibe paint creates and the boldness of a cartoon-esque style. The end product is very nice to look at.

Keep it up, I'd like to see more from you!

daiihai responds:

Awwe thank u so much!! I appreciate that alot!! :] πŸ’•πŸ’•

Wow the way you paint and render looks amazing. All the colors stand out and are really nice/sharp, yet the overall piece retains that soft quality paint has. It all comes together great. Not to mention the pose conveys a ton of character.

Great job! Keep it up!

I love the simplicity. Making simple drawings that look good is a deceptively hard task, but I think you nailed it. Your art style matches your rendering style to a T.

My only critique here would be that you lost a little bit of readability in the hand, but that's very minor so don't sweat it, it could even be part of the style. (Also you're a better artist than me so please take my criticism with a generous tablespoon of salt lol)

Anyway great job man, keep it up!

Looks super rad! I love the black ink contrasting the near-highlighter neon yellow and pink. The overall shot is well placed too, good posing and action. The way their legs overlap is fantastic.

Keep up the good work!

Nice piece. I like the poses, composition, and the obvious care you put into rendering. I think the hair looks particularly good. Very aesthetically pleasing style you got there. (Oh yeah and the milk looks great too, I'm inexperienced at drawing liquids so (first time this sentence has been said hopefully) your milk is very inspiring lol)

Keep it up!

besthetz responds:

Thanks! I am glad you can appreciate my ability to draw semi-opaque white colored fluids.

Wow, super nice style. Looks like you use a lower opacity brush for line art but I'm not sure. Water looks sexy asf. (Oh yeah and the girl too lol) Jokes aside though it looks great keep it up!

Hello! My name's Sinnoh. I'm a 2D Animator, Illustrator, and Musician. Hope you enjoy my work!

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